Camp Programme

The training programme of each FCB Escola Camp Switzerland is based on the application of the sports philosophy and methodology of the FC Barcelona. Trainings are supervised and directed by the coaches of the Cantera, who will participate both on the pitch and during other supplementary activities. The main goal is to let each participant be able to fulfill their technical, tactical and physical potential. Day by day we will encourage children to understand their limits and to improve on them. The FCB Escola Camps Swiss are based on four basic words: playing, trying, growing and improving. Our aim is to always have fun!


Our Camps are based on three main areas: technical, tactical and educational.

From a technical point of view, we want to improve individual skills, particularly through the possession and the enhancement of the technical and athletic aspects. Our trainings will focus both on the precision and the individual capability, as well as learning new technical skills.

From a tactical point of view, we want to improve teamwork through challenges that will make you understand the importance and the characteristics of each role and position on the pitch.

From an educational point of view, we want to enhance the role of the child as a person who is able to share important values ​​such as respect, friendship, playing and solidarity. We strongly believe that, in order to be a better player, you must be a better person first.

In order to handle the complex techniques of their role, goalkeepers will have their own specific training. Tailored coaching will be organized by the managers of the FCB Escola.


  • 8.30am meet up and KIT delivery
  • 9.30am CAMP presentation
  • 10.00am formation of groups and morning training
  • 12.00am shower
  • 12.45am lunch
  • 3.00pm afternoon training
  • 5.00pm shower

Typical day (from Tuesday to Friday)

  • 8.30am meet up
  • 9am morning training: 1st session
  • 10.30am break
  • 10.45am morning training: 2nd session
  • 12.00am shower
  • 12.45pm lunch break
  • 2.30pm supplementary activities
  • 3.00pm afternoon training
  • 5.00pm shower


  • KIT delivery and presentation Camp
  • Formation of training groups
  • Technical aspects: ball control; pass; stop
  • Match aspects: width and depth; movement of the ball
  • Tactical aspects: defense and attack


  • Technical aspects: movement of the ball; individual marking
  • Match aspects: width and depth; game speed
  • Tactical aspects: positions and distances; roles
  • Match simulation: practical application


  • Technical aspects: dribbling; tackle
  • Match aspects: defense and attack; marking
  • Tactical aspects: finalizing the attack; positions
  • Match simulation: practical application


  • Technical aspects: kicks; shots
  • Match aspects: finalizing the attack
  • Tactical aspects: playing with the jolly
  • Match simulation: practical application


  • Technical aspects: revision
  • Match aspects: revision
  • Tactical aspects: revision
  • Match simulation: practical application
  • Closing Ceremony and delivery the participation’ certificate